TransportersWildlife Rehab Inc. is a network of home-based wildlife rehabilitators formed in 1985. Our members are all volunteers who give of their time to answer hotline calls, care for sick animals and provide education programs to the public. Volunteers use their own money to provide care for wild animals. We welcome donations of money and supplies. WRI is a 501 (3)c nonprofit registered in North Carolina. To donate, send a check to PO Box 24552, Winston-Salem, NC 27114, or click the green Donate button in the right column to donate by credit card.

Volunteers with Wildlife Rehab Inc. care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife and return them to the wild.

Why rehab wild animals? Because many animals and birds are injured or orphaned because of human activity. They’re hit by cars, injured by domestic pets, or their habitat has been destroyed.  We believe humans have a responsibility to help these animals with the goal of releasing them in the wild.

Our volunteers handle a wildlife hotline from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week. We field more than 1,000 calls every year. Our rehabilitators care for more than 500 animals a year.

We also offer an 11-week course in wildlife rehabilitation twice a year at Forsyth Technical College.

Our volunteers also mentor new rehabilitators, offering advice and support.