Intro to Wildlife Rehabilitation course

Intro to Wildlife Rehabilitation Course

Offered by Wildlife Rehab, Inc.

Feb 6 – April 28
Virtual PowerPoints
(on demand)

Thursdays, 6:30 to 9:00pm
Live Zoom Classes

You will learn:

  • to be an advocate for wildlife
  • to provide aid to wildlife
  • to resolve human/animal conflict with wildlife
  • to meet state and federal wildlife regulations

This course should help you to pursue a NC Wildlife Captivity Permit, answer HelpLine calls, and transport wildlife to where they can receive the best help. Apprentices will work with an experienced rehabber, call taker, or transporter to mentor you during your first season (and beyond).

Fee: $100

Questions? Call WRI at 336-785-0912

You must be 18 to apply for NC Captivity Apprentice permit.

Deadline to Register: Jan. 15

Rescue, Rehab... Release!

fawn rescue
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What’s Wildlife Rehabilitation?

Wildlife rehabilitation is the care and treatment of wild animals that have been injured or abandoned. It takes special knowledge and skills to feed and care for these animals to ensure their successful return to the wild.

If you’ve found an injured or orphaned wild animal, take a deep breath and read the information we provide on each species, then give us a call.

In North Carolina, it is illegal to possess wild animals without the appropriate permits. Wild animals, even in a weakened state, can be dangerous to humans and pets. They also can transmit a wide variety of diseases and parasites. If you must handle a wild animal, make sure you take precautions, including gloves and safety goggles.

It is illegal to possess wild birds, including songbirds, hawks, owls, shorebirds and most other migratory species, without a federal permit.

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